Exercise People’s mission is to provide effective, and enjoyable bespoke personal training and exercise classes.


Exercise People’s mission is to provide effective, and enjoyable bespoke personal training and exercise classes. We want to provide our clients with a premium service tailored to their requirements, in order for them achieve their fitness goals. We aim to accomplish this by thoroughly understanding our clients needs, and assessing what has prevented them from succeeding in the past, in order to effectively prescribe their nutrition and fitness requirements for the future.

Exercise People offer this service to all individuals looking to make a change. Perhaps they feel intimidated and nervous about embarking on a lifestyle change, and need the support of a trainer or instructor who understands their apprehension, and can support them through this journey, hence our motto ‘Join Our Fitness Revolution’ our aim is to revolutionise the way people feel about exercise, and to create a space where we can educate, motivate and achieve the results that our clients have only imagined.


I have never been a great fan of going to the gym. I’d find myself usually giving up after 10 minutes and I was always extremely self conscious and felt like I was being judged. When Natasha told me she was setting up a private personal training studio she already had me hooked! A war and welcoming atmosphere, everyone is friendly and know one is there to judge you. I see Natasha twice a week for personal training sessions, and I also partake in the Pilates classes with the lovely Joanne. I absolutely love it at Exercise People, it’s like my second home and I would happily recommend them to anyone!

Shoshana Marks

I’ve been training with Tash for a few months now and I can’t imagine life without her, she’s so supportive with managing my goals, and is always there if I need some advice. The training sessions are so much fun and always vary so you never get bored. Tash is always encouraging me to work harder and has completely changed my life. One and a half stone down and I wouldn’t look back!

Jemma Holland

I was recommended a few months back to Natasha through a friend, I wanted to get back into exercise and tone up. However I am a gym phobic with little free time. Natasha is professional , punctual and spends time tailor making sessions for my personal fitness needs, along with food and nutrition programme that is realistic. Natasha motivates me through the hardest sessions and is always 100% positive. I wouldn’t train anywhere else or with anyone else!

Abi Rubens

Natasha has been my personal trainer for the last couple of years, in that time I have seen my body shape change for the better. I much prefer the personal touch in a more intimate surrounding than a gym which can be quite intimidating. I would definitely recommend Natasha as she not only trains but also gives advice on Nutrition.

Lesley Bailey

I would like to say that having completed a year of training with Exercise People not only have I seen a significant difference in my appearance but also I feel so much more confident and motivated. I feel like a different person all thanks to the help and support of Exercise People for showing me what the right diet and training can do.

Zak Lewis

I have been training with Tasha for around two years and each week she finds different ways to push my fitness and strength to the next level. I have had personal trainers in the past but had reached a plateau in my progress; beginning sessions with Tasha injected some fun back into my training. As a trainer she is considerate to my strength and weaknesses, motivating and is determined in helping me achieve my goals. Our hard work in paying off and in my time with Tasha I have continued to change shape as I have got stronger and fitter; with her encouragement I completed a 5k run. I would recommend Tasha and Exercise People if you are already exercising but need a new ‘driver’ in your sessions or if you are just beginning your fitness journey.

Lauren Derbyshire

I thought I was unable to exercise because of back problem I have had since youth, and then in my 50’s, I decided I didn’t want the weakness to define my later life. Due to 2 major non back related operations in the past 5 years I felt weak and just unfit. So I started by picking up the phone to “Exercise People” & was totally honest that I had never done a days exercise
ever! Joanne made a difference; coaxed me, advised me and has given me confidence that I can ‘do it!’ And always at my pace & not pushy. She tailor makes a programme for me taking all my ailments into consideration. During my initial time with Joanne I suffered a major shoulder issue, and recently a repeat of my back problems. Instead of stopping & giving up she continued to work with and alongside me, my insecurities, as well as the Physio & medical recommendations. Always encouraging, friendly, fun and ever professional.

Donna Guilbert

I was very body conscious and was uncomfortable going to a gym, I used to dread it. Tash made me feel instantly at ease and helped me relax greatly. She understands me and how to get the most out of me during our sessions. Added to this the excellent nutritional advice and the weight is falling off. I’m feeling a hundred times better and look forward to every session, its really nice coming to train in a private studio with know one else around, and a lot more relaxing.I would recommend Exercise People to anyone who is looking for an alternative way to get fit without going to a gym!

Lucy Ricketts

I have a torn disc in the lowest part of my spine & was told by my consultant that my only option at this time is Pilates, I found Jo’s number she came to see me and we went through all my exercises I’d been given. This was around 6 months ago and WOW, this hasn’t by any means cured my condition yet I do have more flexibility. I can’t speak more highly of Jo and her classes, she is brilliant at what she does and such a kind, lovely person too. If you’re a little sceptical it is worth a try at least, it has worked so well for me. Plus I dragged my sister along too for moral support and she too thoroughly enjoys the Pilates classes.

Emma Simpson