Winter Warming Sweet Potatoe Tagine

Winter Warming Sweet Potato Tagine

Winter is definitely upon us, and I don’t know about you but it’s this time of the year with dark evenings creeping in and rain lashing down around you when you truly crave comfort food!

This is when your self control is put to the ultimate test, when you get home from work and your tired, it’s easy to pick up a takeaway menu or stick some chips in the oven…. Well this is where we come in!

Exercise people want to try and inspire you to find your inner chef, while creating very simple but delicious fresh food, that will help you achieve your fitness goals while also beating those foody cravings.

So here goes the yummy sweet potato tagine with apricots, yogurt and cous cous

Ingredients List:

. Onion x 1/2 a whole one

. Sweet potato x1

. Garlic x 1 clove

. Apricots x A small handful

. Carrot x1

. Ras el hanout x 1 Tablespoon

. A whole chilli x1

. Vegetable stock cube x1

. Couscous x A small bag

. Mint leaves x Handful

. Parsley x Handful

. Flaked almonds x Handful

. Natural yogurt x A small pot


Peel the onion and slice in half through the root, and then thinly cut widthways into half moon shapes

Peel and cut the sweet potato into 1cm cubes and, cut the carrot in the same way

Finely chop the garlic and roughly chop the apricots

Now for the cooking!

Heat 1 tablespoon of Rapeseed oil in a pan on a medium heat and cook the onions and garlic until soft

Add the Ras El Hanout and stab the whole chilli a few times before adding to the pan (the more the chilli is stabbed the hotter the dish will be) fry gently for one minute

Add the stock cube with 350ml of boiling water to the pan together with the cubed sweet potatoe, carrot, and apricots

Season with some salt and pepper cover with a lid and cook on a medium heat for 15-20 mins and then uncovered for 10 mins

Boil 250ml of water with s small amount of salt and the cous cous and cover the pot tightly when the water has been absorbed  take the lid off and leave to rest for 5 mins

Finally chop the mint and parsley and add some into the cous cous and stir through with a fork, test for seasoning and add more salt and pepper if required

Toast the flaked almonds in a pan until golden brown

And Plate Up!!!

To serve along side your tagine get your yogurt and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and some salt and pepper


Let us know how you get on 🙂

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